Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Twitter

“Every word, photo, video, and follower can have an impact.” – Twitter

If a business uses social media for marketing purposes, it is likely that Twitter is part of its strategy. Companies use Twitter for many of the same reasons as other social media platforms in terms of goals; such as increasing website or blog traffic, sales conversions, mobile app downloads, and/or overall brand awareness. However, there is more to Twitter than just hashtags and retweets. Some greater benefits of Twitter use for a business include relationship building, user reception (potential for influencer marketing), getting noticed at events more easily, generating earned media coverage, boosting site SEO, and building brand loyalty. And of course, driving targeted traffic either organically or through paid promotions is a nice concept as well (DePhillips, 2016).

Twitter has numerous features – that go beyond its wide reach and variety of content-sharing capabilities – to make it appealing and effective for businesses to use for brand presentation and marketing.

  • Great for customer service and quick responses
  • Numerous approaches for communicating and engagement
    • tweeting, replying, mentioning, retweeting, messaging
    • twitter chats, polls, cards, trends, hashtags, advanced search(es) – including potential local customers
  • Connect with online presence elsewhere
    • other social media, website/blog, widgets, etc.; buttons for sharing content, embedding
  • List organization for followed accounts
    • customers, potential customers, neighborhood or community businesses, trade or professional organizations, people who inspire you, other segments (Kingston, 2013)
  • Paid ads, promoted tweets/accounts/trends/videos/app(s), Amplify
  • Integrate with management platforms – TweetDeck, Twitter Dashboard, Hootsuite (Gausepohl, 2016)
  • Insights and analytics

A major factor in the effective use of Twitter for marketing is that last item on the list – insights and analytics. Twitter’s insights are highly valuable to marketers because they show how well the strategy is working and whether goals are being met. Without the combination of these concepts, a company would have a hard time determining whether its social media use is successful or not.

Whether you Tweet once a day or 50 times a day, [Twitter] gathers information around your messaging and your audience. It also takes on the hard part—all those difficult calculations— and presents these insights in a comprehensive but understandable way. What you’re left with is a series of numbers that should quickly show you whether you’re succeeding or failing at marketing on Twitter, and how you might improve. (LePage, 2015).

There are seven different insights available for analysis by any Twitter business account:

  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Clicks
  • Audience interests
  • Audience location
  • Audience comparison

As a final thought on Twitter strategy and account follows therein, the Twitter experience is defined by whom you follow, not by who follows you; and it might be worthwhile to check out who else your followers follow. If there are other customers, business partners, suppliers, contractors and vendors, competitors or peers, trade organizations or professional organizations for your industry, or relevant influencers you may have passed over unintentionally, it might be a great opportunity to expand your network or content strategy appropriately (Kingston, 2013).


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